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Where is your next opportunity?

Most of the time in our businesses we look for opportunities: a new partnership, a new project, ways to reach out to more customers, to expose ourselves to other audiences. When an opportunity arises we feel we’re being given the chance to shine, to achieve something exciting, to get closer to our goals.

We spend a lot of time looking for opportunities that will allow us to get where we want to go. Opportunities become our dream way of growing, so we spend time looking for the rare events that will turn our business into a success.

We tell ourselves that opportunities are there for those who can see them and dare to take a courageous step to get them.

But what if opportunities are rare, and we’re more likely to encounter possibilities?

A possibility implies that something happens to us which is not good or bad in itself. We might want this to happen or not, but we decide to do something about it. We decide to turn it into an opportunity that will work for us.

When something goes wrong, there is also a possibility: the possibility of not judging, complaining, fighting or resisting, but opening up to what is in front of us. Like when Richard Branson famously got stuck at the airport in Puerto Rico and decided to hire a chartered plane; becoming later the seed for Virgin Atlantic Airline, like when your plan to deliver a project is ridiculously delayed by random events and you decide instead to use the time to reconnect with your customers in a meaningful way and start a blog.

You can think about growing in terms of finding opportunities, but these are rare and many people are looking for them.

There is an alternative. You can search for the possibility that you create from whatever you encounter in your life and your business.

Looking for possibilities creates opportunities for which there is no competition.



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