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Growing your list

My kids’ paediatrician back home is also a writer. He loves writing about how it feels to be a child and how parents can help their children go through the different stages of childhood.

Yesterday he sent a new chapter from his book called ‘I’m 8 Years Old’. He talks in the first person about how it feels to go to school, wanting to play all the time, eager to explore the world, and lacking time. It’s simple and full of empathy. You can feel your inner child’s world as you read his words.

With this chapter he sent a note saying “Today I’m happy because I’ve reached 1,000 people on my list”.

You don’t need to think twice to realize that when the book is published he isn’t going to have a huge problem selling it. He has 1,000 people who’ll talk about it.

I know you’re thinking that most email lists have an opening rate of 30% or 40% if you’re really lucky. But what I find fascinating about his strategy is that he doesn’t have a website or social media presence. There is no way to sign up to his list unless you contact him personally, and I’ve never seen “please forward this email to a friend” on any of his messages.

Create content that people want to read, hear, or watch; be and act the expert you are, and find out how your audience want to hear about you.



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