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A sudden ​success

I know it’s a kind of myth, but I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people hitting sudden success and sometimes collapsing out it.

Interestingly, when things arrive too early, rather than bringing experience or knowledge they can merely be disappointing.

In these rare moments you may need to do a reverse process, from reality to vision: what do you want to see flourishing? Where are you heading with your actions? What is the story that you’re going to tell, and why is it important?

When you have the mike in front of you and people want to hear what you want to say, you have a responsibility. Your responsibility is not toward your sponsors or the crowd; they’re there because they want to see something happening, but they might go somewhere else faster than you’d expect if they don’t see that.

Your responsibility starts with you: with your story, your contribution, and what you want to see growing out there because you’re standing up to present it.

What make us unique is not being asked to talk in front of an audience but being certain that we want to contribute, that we know how, and that we’re ready to take the risk and do it.



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