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Do you deserve to be successful just as you are?

We all want to be successful, and we have some ideas of what success looks like in terms of income, profit, the work that we love to do and the life we want to live.

When answering the question of whether we deserve to be successful, most of us would answer “Yes,” but if we ask whether we deserve to be successful just as we are then it’s likely that we will hesitate.

We deserve to be successful if we learn this, if we create a better product, if we bring the right team together, if we manage to move this project from planning to execution.

Of course we don’t express it like this. We might say “We’ll be successful when we do this or achieve this”.

What happens when you allow yourself to say that you’re successful now? If you don’t deserve success in the moment you’re living, right now, with your business, it will be more difficult to see it in the future.

By bringing the future into the present we’re creating the story of who we want to become.



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