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Learning from your goals

When we set up a project, our goals need to find their space among our to-do lists and the multiple tasks that land on our desk every day.

Prioritising is key if we want to get ahead and not feeling overwhelmed by goals and tasks. We buy productivity journals and apps, planners, and all kind of tools to help us to be accountable, stay focused and do the job.

But we miss engaging with our goals in a way that lets us learn about how they’re telling our own story. Are our goals fun? Are they unrealistic in the short term? Do you leave space for the unexpected? Do you celebrate your achievements?

If your goals could talk, what would they say about your relationship with them? That you treat them as uninspiring tasks? That you leave them to the last moment? What could you learn from listening to them? And what is the story that they’re telling about what really matters to you?



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