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The promise you’re making

If you’re telling a story, you’re making a promise. Making a promise is not just about guaranteeing your customers’ money back, it’s not just that they will get a 10% discount on their upgrade in six months, it’s not just that they can return their item free of charge.

The promise is about what you truly stand for, what you will never change, what you will deliver over and over again in the most difficult circumstances. The promise is ultimately what raises the bar, what makes you unique, what’s at the heart of what you do.

Nike says they will bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Apple is promising to ‘think different’. Toyota brings to the table quality, safety and innovation; Spotify, music for everyone.

Great promises are emotive and inspiring and reflect values and worldviews. When we fail to keep them we betray ourselves and our customer’s trust.

The promises that matter and define your business are inspiring, but they must be real and committed at the same time. They talk about what you truly bring.

A promise creates one of the most intimate conversations with your customers.

Make it valuable for you and for them, but most of all make it real, day after day.



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