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The product leadership strategy

You want to develop the best product. You’ve invested a lot of time and money trying to position it on the market as a leader in its sector.

When telling your story, you focus on the advantages over your competition, the new features, the design and all the reasons why choosing your product is a no-brainer.

You talk about what you can achieve with it, what you can build, what you can recreate.

You portray stories of your customers using it, making the best of it, having fun.

And you still feel that the story you’re trying to tell is not fully there.

People don’t connect with a product – they connect with the people behind it and the story they’re telling.

When we’re too focused on a product we only see its features. What is the story that your product is telling? How is your product helping other people to be the leaders they want to be? What is the meaning of leadership to the people you want to serve?



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