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Starting with you

Strategy and vision stories are, in one way or another, stories about us, because what we’re aiming to do with these stories is to bring people on board.

We hear all the time that when you craft a story you need to think about your audience and it’s true, but there’s a subtle difference with vision and strategy stories: they need to be deeply connected to you, the teller.

You’re the one who’s going to lead your listeners, who’s suggesting the way, the timing, the resources, the people. You need to answer the questions “Why you?” “Why now?” “Why them?” “Why us?”

You craft your story using a structure that helps you deliver your message, but the emotional connection and urgency in the story that you tell are equally important.

The change is scary. Motivating people alone is not enough: they need to trust you. And you can only achieve this by answering their question “Why you?”



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