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The logic of profit

You run a business and you’re working for profit. You don’t want to make just a salary, you don’t want to know the maximum amount of money that you can make per year, and you don’t want anybody to dictate how big you can get.

Somehow we are told that profit has no limits, that we can be as big as we want, that if we work hard enough we can grow endlessly and have a dream life. The limitations are just in our heads.

The logic of profit is about making more, and a business driven by this logic can encounter numerous barriers than in fact create the opposite effect: decreasing profit.

The logic of profit can take over in different areas of a business: think about Facebook and data, Volkswagen and the diesel scandal, Uber and their obsession with results.

When wanting more is the only thing that’s taking your business forward, you can lose your perspective on what really matters.

What is driving your business? Is profit taking over areas of your business that shouldn’t be exclusively driven by “more”? What is it that you can’t see when you are after more? What opportunities, what connections, what decisions are you not taking when you want more? When you’re after more, what is becoming less?



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