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Profit follows identity

There are tons of businesses that make real money just by thinking about profit. A long time ago I met a consultant who worked for big companies and he told me this story.

One of his most important consultancy jobs ever involved saving a big company from bankruptcy. There were a lot of jobs at stake, many families depending on whether the company could be saved or not. And they did save it, but sadly after that nobody wanted to work there any more.

Culture is everywhere, and it’s everything. You don’t want to think about your culture? No problem: you’ll create one in one way or another.

There are just three options. Think about who you are at the beginning when starting your business, think about it in the middle when you are growing or at the end when you are thinking about closing down your business. Profit comes as a result of who you are, how you serve your customers, and the culture and expectations that you create around yourself. 



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