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The ideal customer

We don’t grow by not wanting to be where we are. There is something about rejection that in fact creates more attachment to the situation. Some of the wrong reasons for wanting to grow your business include not wanting to work with your current customers any more.

We’ve all gone through the phase of wondering if the people we’re currently serving are really the best match for us. Sometimes we need to move to another type of customer who better understands and values what we offer, but before we do this, a couple of questions might be handy:

  1. What do my current customers love about working with me?

  2. Why is working with these customers no longer fulfilling?

  3. What isn’t working with my current customers?

  4. What do I see of myself in them?

  5. What do I love about working with them?

There may be many reasons for wanting to start working with other customers –better fees, generating more value, more interesting projects – but the customers you currently serve are the key to understanding what is valuable about your work.

Don’t move on without understanding the good that you’ve given and received, and without being grateful for all of it, because they’ve helped you to construct who you are in your business, and will help to propel you to the next step.



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