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Start with ‘who’

If your customers are the heroes of your story, it makes sense to look at them first when you’re creating a story that will resonate with your audience.

However, human beings don’t construct their own narratives in isolation but in conversation with others. You can’t look at others without looking at yourself first.

Starting with ‘who’ can be an invitation to explore yourself with others and others with yourself; the stories you all tell, how you see them, and how they see you.

Empathy is not a detached way of looking at our customers. We see our customers as we are: their eagerness to practice at sport, their love for the environment, or how much they want to be in control of their finances.

The way I look at them also constructs me and influences my business or my project.

Starting with ‘who’ implies looking at the conversations that I create, because I see my customers in a certain way.

Empathy is not only a way of seeing people but also a way to get into the conversation.



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