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People before products

Some of the most interesting businesses you could think of didn’t have a clue what was next for them. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know that Facebook was going to be a company, he just wanted to find ways to connect Harvard colleagues, Tesla changed the way we look into electric cars and now it’s going to build the biggest lithium-ion battery storage project, Apple wanted to bring computers into our daily lives but didn’t think of phones or music to start with.

All of them built up something from the edge, from the unknown, wanted to do something different, didn’t follow the rules, struggle and failed and never set up in anything definitive.

They were bringing answers to questions that people didn’t know that they were already asking themselves.

When you are building from the edge, you need to break a lot of resistance and attract those who are ready for the change that you want to bring.

Your question is not who is going to buy this service or this product, but who is ready and want to see this change.

When you are a game changer, you don’t think just about selling, you think about the best way to connect with those that have the same interests, the early adopters, the innovative people wanted to be ahead of the game.

Think first about people, and then about the product.



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