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It’s a pity your business closed down

My mum ran a successful business for thirty-five years and finally retired two years ago.

A couple of months ago I found myself sitting next to a woman from my home town on a flight to London. We talked throughout the flight. I mentioned my mum’s shop, and she said ‘I know that shop! We bought lots of things for our house there. It’s a pity she closed down.’

My flight companion was not the only one to say this: my mum proudly tells me that someone still approaches her to tell her the same thing at least every month.

Her secret, she says, was that she never bought anything she didn’t like, and always looked for special, beautiful products from Paris, Milan, and Frankfurt that nobody else was selling in her town.

Her customers miss her because she travelled to find beautiful  interior design objects just for them. They miss her because she had discovered her story and delivered her promise for more than thirty years.

You don’t need to do something amazing or remarkable to be missed by your customers: you just need to do something they love, just for them, and to commit to delivering it day after day.



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