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Ideas that fly

You have an idea, a passion; you want to make something really good, make a living from your business, help other people, but you’re not clear how you’re going to do it yet.

This intention is just the beginning of your story. There is so much more to tell. This idea about helping youngsters, or bringing more equality to the workplace, or contributing to people’s healthy eating is not just in your head. It’s already in the world, and that’s why we get confused.

Not because something is needed in the world means that it’s going to fly, and even if it doesn’t fly it means that it is no longer needed. The difference between an idea that flies and one that crashes begins with whether you truly believe that you are the person with the vision and skills required to deliver it to the world.

Before taking your idea any further, ask yourself ‘Why me? What do I bring to this that no one else can bring? Do the people that I want to help want to be helped by someone like me? How do they want to be helped?’

You’re going to have to work hard to bring about this change big or small in the world, so make sure you believe in yourself first!



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