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I chose this job

There’s a street performer in Edinburgh who knows his job. He asks people to come closer to create a more cohesive and intimate group. He creates tension so that everybody stays to watch. He knows how to make his show compelling to people who are just passing by.

If you think about it, he has a really difficult job. His performance takes place in the middle of the street in winter, in Scotland. He’s competing against other street shows, indoor entertainment, cafes, people’s tiredness, the shops, and the cold. He has a couple of minutes to grab our attention.

His success lies in creating group big enough to make other people curious and want to join.

Just a couple of minutes before his big finale, he stands before the crowd that has been watching him for 15 minutes and says “I chose this job, nobody asked me to do it. I’ve been doing this for more than nineteen years. I’ve been thinking about it, and I believe that £10 is a good price for this show. This is what you might pay for a couple of pints in the pub. If you don’t have that much, give what you have – if you can give more, I’ll appreciate it.”

He chose to do his job and he takes full ownership by asking for what he thinks is a fair price for it.

When we really own what we do we don’t hide, not even to communicate our fees or the cost of our service or product.



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