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Goal as a practice

Before I had my kids I was meditating five days a week, consistently and without fail.

After I had my first and my second baby in a space of two-and-a-half years, my meditation routine collapsed.

It took me five years to get back into some sort of regular meditation practice. Most of the time I was meditating with anger, with frustration, awfully tired and sad, and the worst of all was that I wasn’t even meditating consistently.

So I stopped.

I said to myself ‘I can’t do this. I’m never going to achieve my goal of sitting three times a week. I need to wait until the kids are older.’

But one day I realised that meditation is a practice, not a goal in itself. I could try and fail and keep on trying, because practicing is at the core of meditation; it’s what meditation is about.

Sometimes we get obsessed with our goals, with the number of customers we need to engage with every month, with the number of conversations, with the number of clicks.

Goals are reminders of what we want to achieve in business, but when we just see our business as a set of goals, we are more likely to feel angry, frustrated and sad every time we fail.

Thinking about our goals as practice helps us to get committed, not to the goal but to the practice itself. It helps us to wake up every morning and deliver our story, to give our best and to serve our customers with our best craft. Goals can change: practice is what matters.

Our business goals shouldn’t just be realistic but also something that we’re ready to practice and fail at with love and care, every single day.



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