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A social media trap

Have you observed that our lives are more and more confined to people that do things like us, to people that think like us or have the same lifestyle? From social media to all types of membership, in most Western societies we seem to have a life that confirms rather than challenges our worldview and life expectations.

Bauman, one of the greatest sociologists of our time, said in an interview that the way people use social media makes them hear only “the echoes of their own voice”. “Social media is a trap”: He said.

Bauman might be right from a sociological point of view, but businesses gain a lot from social media. It’s key for us to be surrounded by people who understand our offer, our products, our services, our worldview, but it’s also crucial that we can see those that are not like us, don’t think like us, don’t want to buy from us.

Why? Because the world is changing at a rapid pace. Nobody has the secret recipe for success: only those that understand how quickly their customers can move over to the competition will have the greatest advantage. Empathy is a muscle not just for gaining customers but also for learning how to keep them on board day after day.



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