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Your hidden story

Most of the time your story is defined not by what you say but by what you believe.

A story starts in your head with something that you want to offer. It starts with an idea, with an emotion, with a set of beliefs, with a narrative, with the way you see the world, with a desire to make something happen.

Your story starts way before you create your first product or service,  you have your first customer or you create your website. Your story starts with a dream about changing something.

And that dream, that desire stays in your heart and in your head intact, while you go around growing and developing your business.

This story with its dream is often unseen, unchecked, untold, not challenged or confronted, and most importantly it is never given the opportunity to grow along with your goals and projects.

When you start growing your business, when you create a new project, your lizard mind kicks out, bringing the old narratives, dreams, beliefs, stories that might or might not be aligned with your current purpose and goals.

Your story is not just a narrative that helps you to be seen and get customers.

It also serves a greater purpose: to lead your business, help you to make better decisions and connect to your customers.

Choosing the right story to grow can be as important as choosing the right story to tell.



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