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Where is your business heading to?

Your sales are going fine, sales pipeline looks pretty good and you still have a gut feeling that something is missing.

Many people grow businesses just selling stuff, but being proud of what you do and knowing what difference your products and services are making is a totally different story.

People are not just interested in products or services that solve a problem, they want something that help that problem and make sense in their lives. Something that talks about their values, their identity and the story that they tell to themselves everyday.

People buy things for different reason but fall in love with your product or service just for only one – because they feel that what you offer tells the story of what they are proud about themselves (i.e care about the environment, children, political injustice, good humour, social justice and so on). It helps them to be the person that they want to be.

So next time you have a look at your sales, think about whether your customers are just buying stuff like if you are someone else or they are getting something that help them to be the person they want to be. Chances are that the second question can reveal important information about where your business is heading to.



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