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The woman in the food truck

Peter decided to build a canteen on his premises so that his staff could enjoy a hot meal at work sitting alongside their colleagues. When the project was quite advanced he realised that a significant number of people were buying their lunch from a woman who owned a food truck parked in front of his premises. The woman in the food truck relied on people from his company for her living.

Building a canteen would leave her in a difficult situation.

Peter could have chosen to go ahead, as the decision had been made internally and he had already invested a substantial amount. He could have decided to offer the woman a job at the canteen so he wouldn’t feel bad about his decision.

But he chose to stop the project and not build the canteen. He is not better than you or me, he is not a hero – it happens that one of the most important values in Peter’s business is community, so he knew what he had to do.

A value is not a value in your business until it costs you money.



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