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I have an urgent problem here

My son saw a mouse in the garage eating rice cakes. I guess it was obvious from the look on my face when he told me that I don’t like mice. And it was also evident that we needed to catch it and remove it from the garage.

I’m so scared of mice that I offered my son £10 to get rid of it so I didn’t have to handle it. Because it took him one second to say yes, I doubled the offer to £20. I was lucky he didn’t hesitate further.

While we were thinking about how to catch the mouse our neighbour offered to help and brought some mousetraps that he set in the garage with a little help from my son. In less than 15 minutes the problem was sorted.

As I had promised, I had to pay my son £20 for a job that was done mainly by my neighbour with just a little help from him.

Sometimes we get urgent requests from our customers. They’re really desperate, and we’re ready to pay extra to get their problem sorted.

Our job is not only to respond to the urgency, but also to make sure that they see the value we provide. Our work is to make sure that whether or not the situation is urgent, the value we provide is clear to the customer not only at the beginning of the job but also at the end.



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