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The reasons why we buy

When it comes to buying we are no logical, we are deeply irrational. Marketers know that and they try to create different emotional triggers for us to buy.

Ethical marketers take emotions on board not to manipulate us and make us buy things that we don’t need, but to present us with options that match our worldviews and our values.

Smart businesses understand that getting customers buying on a whim is not enough to keep them in business. They need to provide them with options that satisfy them at a deeper level.

Discount on children menus will not be of any use if the restaurant is not appealing to families with children, a discount voucher is worthless if you get a terrible customer service.

In these cases, we can buy just to try, for the urgency of the discount, because the design is appealing but if the story that took us to the local restaurant doesn’t show up, there is no marketer that will reverse the fact that this customer will not come back again.

We can be manipulated once to buy a product, but we will not buy it again if the story is not a good one for us.

Wouldn’t be easier to connect first with those that love what we do rather than using expensive marketing tactics to make them buy something that we are not sure whether it is for them or not?



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