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The people behind the story

Your story is alive in your business thanks to your staff and your customers, thanks to your conversations with your providers, thanks to the people who spontaneously come to your shop to say ‘I like what you do.’ A story is developed in interaction with humans, not through postings in social media, measuring likes, or creating eye-catching banners for events.

If you’re passionate about healthy food your story is not just delivered via the monthly free magazine for customers at the till, or through discounts and points on the loyalty card that you hand them, or by the monthly offer campaign.

Your story is best delivered through conversations and interactions. Are you giving your staff and customers something to talk about? Something that they love, something that they can feel proud of sharing?

Last week I went to a new cafe in town. They specialise in coffee. The barista offered me two different types of coffee. She told me about the places they came from and she gave me a little card describing the beans and their flavours and characteristics. She recommended that I drink it without milk. I did, and I tasted the richness of the caramel and chocolate in this particular type of coffee. She got me curious, and I felt I had something to share with my coffee-lover friends.

A story is not a story until it’s told and shared and it opens your eyes to something new.

How is your story told by your team and customers? Are you offering a story to sell a product, or are you giving them something to talk about?



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