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The big yellow chair

There are many places in town where you can celebrate a birthday party for a 6-year-old. In my eyes, they’re all the same. The only difference seems to be the theme; whether you want to play football, jump on a trampoline, go on a dry slope or to a soft play place, to name a few.

Approaching the date, I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday. To my surprise she knew straight away where she wanted to go.

There was nothing special about that place. We’ve been there before for numerous birthday parties. I was expecting her to start asking about some of the newest, most popular venues in town, but she didn’t.

So I asked her ‘Why do you really want to go there? What is it that you like about the place?’

‘Mummy, I want to sit on the big yellow chair.’

It happens that this place has something special that had escaped my eyes. They have a big yellow chair, bigger than the rest, with the shape of a crown at the top. The birthday child sits in this special chair for the party meal while her friends sit in small, ordinary chairs. Nothing could make my daughter feel more special than this big yellow chair.

Nobody buys from you just because you’re different – they buy from you because that difference makes them feel special.

Do you think about your marketing in terms of being different, or in terms of how to be special for your customers?



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