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Stories that change the culture

In Alabama on 1st December 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white passenger on a segregated Montgomery bus. The rest is history.

On 29th July 2015, Anand Giridharabas gave a speech at the Aspen Institute’s Action Forum on generosity versus justice.

He talked about how the winners of our economic and financial system are inclined to do more good, but not to do less harm. He is contributing to changing the culture of how we think about giving more and taking less.

There are no extraordinary people with extraordinary stories. Rosa Parks used to say that her refusal was not because she was physically tired, but because she was tired of giving in.

There are stories that change the culture with their courage, empathy and generosity. But the story is not about a refusal to give up a seat, or giving a speech to a prestigious organisation.

Those stories started way before, when they looked at the world around them with different eyes.

Sometimes we just need to be curious and open in order to engage with the story unfolding in front of us before start changing the culture. #storytelling #culture #change

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