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Some questions before scaling

How can you scale your business? How can you grow? How can you reach more people?

Scaling is a challenge for entrepreneurs, CEOs, MDs and businesspeople who want to make a bigger impact.

Before scaling you need to be sure what you’re truly scaling. Do you want to scale your profit, your customers, the number of likes you get, your turnover, the number of products manufactured per year, the number of users? Your story?

Scaling without intention is scaling the chaos.

Make sure that when you think about scaling you have the narrative about what you’re scaling and why scaling is important and matters to you and your customers.

Ps: As it happens, storytellers steal/borrow ideas from great minds. Mina Fung gave me permission to use her expression ‘scaling chaos’ and I’m forever grateful. When you’re a storyteller you’re lucky if you have generous and bright people around you such as Mina.

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