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Just get it, it’s cheap

On the hottest day of the summer my son broke his flip-flops on the way to the beach. Just in front of us was a shop that happened to have some in his size. I bought them.

I said to myself: “I’m not looking for quality, I’m trying to solved a problem. They don’t look very good, but they’re cheap. They should last a couple of weeks.”

The cheap flip-flops broke 15 minutes later, this time in front of another, not-so-cheap shop, that happened to have something in his size.

There is a whole story in a price tag. It could be “I don’t want to look for quality right now, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on this, and I hope it will last.”

Cheap often runs on the hope that it will work, that it will fix our problem, that no more resources or effort are needed. The seduction of cheap is frequently based on the possibility that maybe, if we’re lucky enough, our problem is over.

That’s why a business promise is so important to set you apart, because you’re telling your customers that you will be there if it doesn’t work. You eliminate uncertainty, and that’s something that’s worth considering in your pricing (among many other things).

Price is not just about quality, but is very much linked to what is going to happen when things go wrong with the product, with the service or with the people in the supply chain.


We all leave in hope. We all expect that at one time we will fix our problems and we will achieve our goals. But, sometimes we don’t need to fix 10 things to achieve what we want but to work on the one thing that really matters.

What about if we could work with one challenge, the one that can really make a difference in our business? If you think that one thing done can make a difference in your business, check The Get the One Thing Done Workshop.

The Get the One Thing Done workshop is for you if you want to work with a supported and accountable group of people committed to tackling one challenge and finding and implementing solutions that are actionable and aligned with the story that you want to tell. Are you in? We are starting 1st September.

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