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How would it be if?

How would it be if?

This is one of the most important questions a business owner and associates have to ask themselves when starting up a business and when it is ongoing.

The power of this question allows us to go beyond what is possible. It gives us permission to find out what we really want from our business.

How would it be if I’m not scared, if I had the money, if I’m even capable of doing more than I can think, if myself and others would not judge me, if nobody is looking, if I am really great at what I do.

What set us apart in not what we achieve, but what we overcome.

When thinking about a new product, a new service, a new project, this is a powerful question that invites us to go to the edge. How do we make a product or service that really matters to people if we don’t allow ourselves to explore beyond our own fears and self-beliefs?

Everybody who has ever created something original, new, astonishing and revolutionary has played with this question in one way or another.

Don’t create just products or services for people to buy, but help them instead to get closer to buying something they believe in as well as enjoy.



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