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Focusing on the now

Many times, we struggle in our business because we think that we are missing business opportunities. We look around and we see similar companies having bigger clients, nicer offices, more staff.

We feel that we are doing something wrong, that we are not selling our product well enough or providing better services. We dream about having all the systems in place, all the likes, all the followers on social media, all the important clients and the bigger office but while dreaming we are not seeing what we really have.

What difference are you making to your clients right now? How can you amplify it? What is the value that you are delivering? Can you make it even bigger? Why your tiny email list stick to you?  Why customers keep on coming back again and again?

What is it that you are doing now that your customers would love to see more of it? Focusing on what you are missing is not getting you closer to your customers, focusing on what you deliver well can help you to get closer to the place where opportunities happen. By concentrating on what we have we are then able to understand more our purpose and therefore can move forward more effectively as a business.



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