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Fencing out

Would you follow the advice of a meat-eater on vegetarian healthy eating? Would you follow the advice of your neighbour who has never done any DIY when it comes to repairing your fence?

When we are at the beginning of our project, when we’re shifting gears, when we’re moving forward, everything can feel quite shaky.

We can be tempted to listen to experts and people who say they know better.

It’s not a bad idea to fence out people who we feel can’t contribute that much in the current moment. Not all feedback needs to be welcomed all the time. Sometimes we need knowledge, sometimes we need experience, and sometimes we need empathy. And sometimes we need a good dose of all three of them.

We can listen to them, but we don’t need to follow people’s advice if it doesn’t feel right for us. Fencing out can be a good strategy for a while until we feel ready to bring our ideas to the world.

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