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Empathy and responsibility

Margaret Mead, the famous American anthropologist, thought that knowing about other peoples’ cultures would help us to better understand ourselves. People evolve differently according to the culture in which they live, but there is something underlying human experience that remains the same no matter where you go.

When you’re in business and you look at people and see the commonalities in what brings us together, what we crave, what we need, what we want, what we dream, you have two choices: manipulate people for your own interests, or use this knowledge to help people to achieve their dreams.

Empathy implies responsibility.

What you create based on your observation and knowledge about people should help to make this planet a better place. This is not just generous but smart, as Margaret Mead says in her autobiography:

“There is hope, I believe, in seeing the human adventure as a whole and in the shared trust that knowledge about mankind, sought in reverence for life, can bring life.”

Is your knowledge and empathy bringing more life, change, is it making an impact for the people you want to serve?



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