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Becoming part of the story

There is a very famous bakery in the town where we spend our holidays. In summer when it gets really hot you still find people queuing outside for bread and pastries.

Puppy, the dog sculpture in front of the Guggenheim, was supposed to be part of a temporary exhibition until it became so popular and emblematic as the symbol of Bilbao City that the Basque government bought it. Now every single tourist who visits the Guggenheim takes a picture of him.

Good businesses tell stories that not only resonate with us, they also become part of our culture, of our life and routines, they add meaning to the moments that are important to us, like the pastries that Grandma buys every Sunday from the bakery, like the obligatory picture of Puppy if you visit Bilbao.

How is your product and service becoming part of your customers’ story?



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