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You may not make it

No, you may not write like Gabriel García Marquez.

Your start-up may not be the next unicorn in Silicon Valley.

Your designs may not appear on the front page of Vogue.

Your business may not reach a turnover of more than a million.

You may never be invited to attend a business meeting with Richard Branson.

You may never have more than ten thousand people on your email list.

If you can’t be as good as other people, why bother? Why should you put in all that effort to write a book that only a hundred people will read, a design that only five hundred people will appreciate, a business that will only be cherished in your local neighbourhood?

The reason is that you aren’t doing it for the numbers: you’re doing it for the people you want to serve. If you want change, motivate and delight your customers. How many do you need? I mean for real, not for vanity.

How can you make a business model that works for you and for the people you want to serve?

Yes, Apple has sold since 2010 over 350 million iPads. You don’t need to be like Apple. How many people do you need to make the change you want to make?

Focus on the change and the numbers will follow.

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