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I’m back

Back on the 9th of July I hit the pause button. I stopped writing because I thought it would be good to have a bit of a rest, hear your feedback on this blog, read more and relax: however, stories start accumulating in my head.

I found myself asking for napkins in restaurants so I could write down a couple of thoughts. I was sneaking to the toilet with my phone to hide from my kids and write a long email to myself with some insights and small stories. I spent my week at the beach glued to my phone and a notebook in case stories hit me.

And the funny thing is that it didn’t feel like work.

I’ve realised that although I’ve felt many times that this blog is a fumbling attempt to write meaningful stories about work that matters, there’s no other way for me than to keep on writing.

We praise perfection, determination, undefeatable commitment and stability so much that we forget that sometimes we can only produce our best work through imperfect attempts, hesitation, variable levels of performance and commitment, and intolerable levels of failure.

What matters is not whether you’re able to achieve a consistent and continuous high level of performance but whether you’ve stumbled enough in your endeavours that you reach a point where you can stand back and assess why you want to continue. Sometimes awareness only happens when you stop or fall. 

Going back can be a way of going deeper.



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