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Why do you play?

In his book, The Power of Story, Jim Loehr tells the story of a young tennis player who contacted him because she wanted to be in the top five again. Her ranking had fallen in the previous years and practicing was not a pleasure for her anymore.

At their first meeting, Jim Loehr asked her ‘What’s your story? Why do you play?’ She gave him a couple of expected answers such as ‘I want to be number one’, ‘I want to be successful’, ‘I want money, a good house and a nice car’.

Jim Loehr asked her to go home and reconsider her answers. Next day she arrived with a smile and she said she knew why she wanted to play.

‘I want to be a sunshine to every person I care about and everyone who watches me play.’ As you can imagine, that was the beginning of her new story. She started winning again.

Purpose gives us a reason to go where we want to go, it gives us strength in the ups and downs that come with every single thing that we want to achieve in our life or in our business.

Purpose creates movement from me towards you, not from me towards a goal. Purpose creates connection, meaning, and a sense of fulfilment that a goal cannot create.

There are things that take energy and time and need to be done if you want to achieve your goals and bring change, but behind them, you always need to find a good reason that feels like a ray sunshine. That’s the real measure of success.


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