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Who is telling the story

This week I was working with someone in sales, helping him work on a story that would explain to his customers the value he provides. Listening to his story, we realised that the value was not exactly where he thought it was but rather somewhere else.

After that “aha” moment the structure of the story changed, the rhythm changed and how it was told changed. It became more fluid, more natural, as if the story was growing stronger inside him as he became more confident.

We tend to think that stories are something that we tell, but I’ve been wondering for a while whether stories choose us just because something needs to be told.

If we are the vehicle through which certain ideas are expressed, contributions are made, mindset changes are made possible, partnerships are created, then it may be that our job is not telling the story, but allowing the story to be told through us.

The easiness and sense of confidence in telling our story doesn’t necessarily come from having control and certainty about what the story is, but from releasing and opening up to what the story might be trying to tell us when we put it out into the world.



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