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What you really see

Humans didn’t see the colour blue until very recently. Research has shown that our ancestors didn’t have a word for “blue” until modern times.

There was no word for it in Greek, Chinese, Japanese or Hebrew. The only ancient culture that had a word for blue was the Egyptians.

Jules Davidoff conducted a study of the Himba tribe in Namibia to find out more about language and colour, as this indigenous group doesn’t have separate words for blue and green.

Davidoff came to the conclusion that if you don’t have a word for it, it’s very difficult to notice it and identify it as different.

When it comes to blue, maybe people were seeing it but didn’t know they were seeing it because there was no word to refer to it.

Your customers might see they have a problem, they’re certain there’s something wrong, but maybe before starting to sell your product or service you need to find a way of putting into a word or a sentence what it is that your customers are experiencing. You need to create a common language between you and your customers..

They’ll notice you easily if they can name their problem and your solution.



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