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A human unsolicited call

I recently signed up for updates from a company providing online platform services. Today I had an unsolicited call from them.

A nervous young woman with a Dutch accent introduced herself. She sounded both calm and hesitant at the same time. English wasn’t her first language. I sympathised immediately.

I could picture her reading her notes about what questions she should ask and how to approach the conversation. Probably because she was new at this job, she sounded warm to me.

She wasn’t confident, she wasn’t getting to the point, she wasn’t trying to hurry me on to the next step: instead she was conversational and unsure.

I told her why I’d signed up to their email list and that I love their content but I wasn’t willing to buy from them right now. She listened carefully. That was all.

I forgot to tell her that it was the best unsolicited call I’ve ever had.



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