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What is your theme?

Before telling any story, before writing your book, you need to find your theme. What is it that you want to say? How is this connected to the dreams of your customers, to who they want to become?

Writers know the importance of a theme. A story without a theme is a recipe for a disaster, as it can barely hold together.

A theme is overarching, the reason why you want to do what you do beyond money – it’s the engine that keeps you going in the ups and downs, and it’s the invisible thread that connects all your life and business projects.

The theme helps you to hold things together that otherwise wouldn’t make sense. It’s the ultimate teaching and the message that you want to send to the world with your project or business. It’s the secret that you’d love to whisper in your customers’ ears.

Themes are powerful, universal, relatable and profoundly human.

What is the underlying truth that you want to tell the world, the truth that’s so important that every single project in your life has its signature on it?



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