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What are you hiding?

I was cleaning the beach at Greyhope Bay on Sunday. Greyhope Bay has small rocky beaches and green paths along the coast. They are perfect spots for watching dolphins and wildlife.

It was heartbreaking to see the amount of litter in this area.

Our oceans are choking in plastic. Most of the litter that you find at the beach is small fragments of plastic, straws, crisp bags, sweetie wrappers, cans and bottles. But you can also find the most amazing things such as chairs, traffic cones, car tyres, gates, and buckets of all sizes and colours.

If I were on any other beach in another country, I’m sure I would have found the same.

I learned something from cleaning the beach. Nature easily embraces litter or plastic or whatever you dump on it. You can find cans and bottles perfectly camouflaged under a bed of soil and grass. You can’t see them, but they’re there, litter under the grass.

I thought about this amazing skill that we share with nature: how often do we camouflage what is not working, what needs to be in the bin, what doesn’t belong to us anymore?

How many times do we revise goals and strategies, buy more coaching, more online courses, more books, instead of sitting in front of what we do and having a good look at what’s underneath the surface?

Our story is not just the one that we show, but also the one that we hide.

When was the last time that you had a good look at your story to find out, not the things that are not working, but the ones that shouldn’t be there at all anymore and that you should put in the bin?



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