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The storyteller’s strategy

You don’t need a story to sell your products and services. You can grow a very successful business without one. You find a niche in the market, you cover a need, you do your best to become well-known, and you sell as much as you can.

Or that’s what you think – because we’re all telling a story, implicitly or explicitly, whether we’re aware or of it or not. We all do. It’s part of our human nature. Not wanting to know your story doesn’t mean that you’re not telling one.

When you decide to deal with every customer complaint with care and understanding, when you’re constantly asking for feedback from your customers so that you can offer the best you can, when you invest time and money in training your staff to deliver the best possible customer experience, you’re telling a story.

Finding out what it is that you want to tell and your customers want to hear, refining the details to consistently and intentionally give the best experience and mapping the road to what makes you exceptional to your customers is a strategy. It’s the storyteller’s strategy.

When you’re telling a story without knowing it and the audience clap, you might spend precious time and money trying to figure it out what your audience was so happy about.

Tell a story with intent, and you will be able to reproduce and amplify what your customers love about you over and over again.



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