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The power of the ordinary

Michelle Obama is one of my favourite storytellers. She makes you feel as if you know her.

You don’t need extravagant adventures to make a story interesting. When people connect with a story it’s because they see themselves in it.

What takes us into a story is not the extraordinary but the ordinary which, at its simplest, is humanity.

And what makes Michelle Obama an amazing storyteller is how she can talk about some of the most important political moments in America in a very funny and down-to-earth way.

The story is not in the facts but in the approach you choose. When Michelle Obama talks about their last day at the White House, you expect some sort of political statement, but she doesn’t go that route: she talks about a sleepover instead.

Don’t just stick to the facts of the story, stick to the emotions or, like Michelle Obama does, tell the story of the extraordinary as an ordinary event. 

Or choose Jacinta Arden’s simple approach to communication and talk to people as if you are already friends.



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