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Storytelling beyond marketing

You can tell a story to entertain. You can tell a story to connect with your customers’ emotions. You can tell a story to catch their attention in a more sophisticated, intelligent and generous way, but you are still not exploring the full potential of the story.

When your stories just entertain, you need to repeat them over and over again. Storytelling can become another tactic that contributes to more noise.

When your story is about what you believe and what they believe, what they love and what you love, what you dream and what they dream, then you’re building something together; then you’re acting on your story, not just telling it. Your story becomes the path to growing your business; it becomes your strategy.

Stories can change us, not just entertain us. Are you letting your story change you?

You can tell others to walk a certain path because it’s good for them. You can even tell them a story to motivate them. But more people will walk with you if you join them and walk together with them.

Do you want to use the whole potential of storytelling in your business? Embody the story, be and act on your story, for yourself and for your customers.

Do something with them, not just for them.



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