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Selfishness is underrated

When we create a new product or service that matters, we aren’t just helping our customers to be closer to who they want to be, we’re also helping ourselves to be happier and more fulfilled individuals.

Designing products and services that matter can be truly selfish, because as much as you want to help your customers to recycle more, to teach better seminars, to access a better online platform, to create a more engaging marketing strategy deep inside what you want is to be proud of your work.

You can’t truly connect to your customers if you haven’t looked at yourself first and honestly answered the question of what makes you feel like you want to jump out of bed every day to work.

Finding this unique place is where your story starts: this is the place where you can connect easily to your customer because it matters to you.

It’s difficult to do remarkable work when you don’t care about what you do and you don’t feel connected to your business.

The connection doesn’t start with the product or with the customer. It starts with you.



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