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Points of view and interests

Nick Boles, a British conservative politician, recently said: “I don’t represent peoples’ points of views but their interests, and if they don’t like the results, they should just not vote for me in the next election.”

When we take our customers on a journey we can think of it as committing to making the story they tell themselves, about who they are and what their vision is, true.

We’re not here to reinforce the ways they’ve done things before: we’re proposing to them that they change something.

If you see your work in terms of supporting their interests, their dreams and who they really want to be, you might take more time to find out not who they are, but who they could be if they dared to live the life that is waiting for them, the life that they really want to embrace.

Helping your customers to bridge that little gap between who they are and who they want to become is the most interesting empathic, gentle and compassionate piece of work we can do when we work with people.

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