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Owning your story

You own your story when you apologise for doing something wrong, when you make decisions not exclusively based on profit, when you’re ready to lose money to be true to your values, when you have a vision and you work on it every day, when you don’t compromise on the things that make your business what it is, when you’re ready to say no, when you want people to thrive around you, when being the best is not only based on the quality of the product but also on the way you engage with your customers, when your marketing is not exclusively measured by the number of clicks, when you’re ready to make an assertion with your business, when your business is talking about what you want to see in the world.

You own your story when your business becomes a way of bringing something good to the world for you and for others.

You own your story when you’re ready to say “Here I am; this is what I believe and what I do, will you join me?”


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