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On the same page

The guy you hired six months ago is leaving because he got a better job that pays better money; your volunteers are great until exam season arrives and they all disappear; your co-worker loves her job, but you seem to have different versions of what a great customer experience is.

And still you’re on the same page. On the same page of the contract that they signed, that specified hours, terms and conditions, salary and holidays.

Sometimes we take it for granted that the story we tell, the passion that we bring to the business, the reason why we feel it’s important should be automatically understood by our staff, our team and our co-workers.

This kind of story is not made to be written in a paper. Your story is alive in your business, so you need to find ways of making your people feel part of it, rather than just understand it and acknowledge it.

The power of a story is not in the book in itself, but in what it inspires you to do after you read it.



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