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On purpose stories- I need your help.

I’ve spent the last months trying to catch up on my long reading list. I haven’t made huge progress, to be honest. Despite carrying a book everywhere I go, it seems that I’ve ended up writing more than reading. And that’s not necessarily a good sign.

Every serious writer and author knows that you can’t write anything decent without a great deal of reading under your belt. These days I’m struggling to find the balance between writing and reading.

When I have a question in my head, something that makes me curious, it’s all I can think about. It becomes an obsession, constantly spinning in my head.

The question I’m pondering (or should I say obsessed with) is whether purpose-driven businesses are telling or changing the way we tell stories. I think they are, and I’m starting to see some patterns. 

From these brands’ handling of emotional connection to the way they formulate change, there are subtle and common ways in how many of them talk about change and tell their story.

I’m curious to learn more about how their stories connect. I think this can be useful to many of us who want to tell better stories.  That’s why I’d like to ask you about your favourite purpose-driven brands, organisations, charities or movements that matter to you, and why.

I’ve created a five minutes questionnaire that will help me understand how people like us engage with brands, businesses and organisations that matter.

In return, I’ll share what I learn from all of you here. I think it will be useful for many of us who work making and bringing change to learn how others are successfully telling their stories. I will apply my story eyes to all your answers and create something that we can all benefit from. Ready? Click here to start. 



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