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Marketing in a noisy place

Do you feel overwhelmed when you use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and see the number of posts, likes and comments coming from businesses like yours? Do you feel that it’s difficult to tell the story of what you do while competing for attention? Do you know that what makes your product or service relevant is not the number of people who know about you, but the number of people who actually love what you do?

Marketing is not about being the noisiest, and it’s not about being everywhere; it’s about having a deep understanding that when you ask people to buy your product or service they’re buying a promise from you, they’re trusting you.

They want something more in their lives, they want something different, they want to go somewhere, they want to get closer to becoming someone more ethical, richer, more knowledgeable, etc… They’re buying the promise of becoming a better version of themselves.

How do you honour that place? By describing their pain points and benefits? By making more noise on social media, by spamming, by measuring success exclusively by the number of sales per month?

How can you tell the story of what you do without competing for attention? How can you get closer to your customers? What stories do they want to hear?

Marketing is an art: the art of listening first, and talking after. Is there any way you can talk about your product and service to be heard, not just to be noticed?

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